Organic & Clean Hair Care

Organic & Clean Hair Care

Not only skincare has become an important matter to some of us but also the global care of our bodies. We try to eat healthy, local and plant-based goods to nourish our bodies from the inside; we make an effort to care about what we apply to our skin; and now it is time to take one step further and watch more meticulously what we use for the hair care.


We have curated a selection of plant-based and ethically sourced hair care products to join our natural and plastic-free assortment of brands. These new brands, study the original use of herbs, oils and rituals to nourish your hair and body with only the best botanicals. They also run the production of their products themselves, knowing exactly what goes into each bottle using only natural ingredients.

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When chosing the best hair care product you must consider two things:

1. What type of hair do you have

2. What does it need

As Under Luna explains in their blog post, it is normal to have a combination hair: for example oily scalp but dry ends. That is more common than anyone can believe and it is due to the chemical products used in silicones, waxes, volume shampoos, hair styling serums, hair sprays and a long list that can take us all day. But if you have read until here, you are about to change the condition of your hair.


Having a balanced pH is key to having healthy hair. As well as in skincare, if we apply the correct products at the correct time, we will guarantee healthy skin and hair and avoid potential issues. In this step is mandatory to say that holistic hair care is not only applying a shampoo, but also a conditioner and an oil. These help protect, strengthen and hydrate the hair. Keep in mind you will need to know your type of hair, fine, medium or thick, to chose the correct product. Both Under Luna and MO MI offer a variety of these products.


After treating our hair with the best products available, we must not forget about combing. It may seem it is not as important as the previous steps, but quoting MO MI, "it helps stimulate the scalp and bring nourishing circulation to the hair follicles:. This helps to keep the follicles active, healthy, to naturally encourage new healthy hair growth by keeping the scalp clean and healthy. Their Gua Sha comb is available at our web along with Iris Hantverk hair brush.




Let’s take the next step together and start taking real, natural care of your hair. These new two brands open a clear, plant based path for us to follow in our hair care. Welcome aboard!


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