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Our philosophy

Botanic Affair is a California-based company with the dream to lead the skincare industry to sustainable practices.

That is why we exclusively work with brands that:


All brands featured at Botanic Affair source their ingredients themselves and have full control over the quality of production and, most importantly, the quality of the ingredients. Cheap ingredients used by well-known commercial brands provide no real skin benefits further than the surface level of the skin. If you are looking to improve your skin's health and you desire long-term results, it's best to choose quality products with 100% natural ingredients.

The brands that you will find at Botanic Affair are all cruelty-free. 


When we say we want the skincare industry to become greener...we mean in every possible way. Not just ingredients-wise... but also with regard to practices, packaging and shipping boxes.

At Botanic Affair we work with brands that use recyclable glass bottles, which also perfectly protect the luxurious formulas from exposure to sunlight and heat. None of the brands featured use plastic for any of their products. The only plastic used is the one in the lids of some products such as cleansers, toners, serums... But this is less than 10% of the total packaging.

All Botanic Affair shipping boxes are 100% recyclable and packed with Eco Flo chips that are 100% biodegradable and compostable, low energy and dissolve in water. 


Small-batch production is a term used to describe a small production run, typically less than 500 units at a time. This is important to specify, since the term "low minimum" can mean different things in different industries.

The brands at Botanic Affair run the production of their skincare range themselves, thus knowing exactly what goes into each product. Furthermore, they personally source their ingredients to ensure they are always ethically grown.

We believe in brands that are transparent, create their formulas with the best ingredients, and safeguard the amazing botanical-rich ecosystems around the world. We are honored to work with so many brilliant ethical clean skincare brands and to connect with like-minded customers on a daily basis.  

If you would like any further information on our brand, please send an email to

With love,


Founder of Botanic Affair