Discovering: Violets are Blue

Discovering: Violets are Blue

My name is Cynthia Besteman and I am the Founder, CEO and all around gate keeper of Violets Are Blue. Originally from Seattle, I have lived in NYC for 33 years and love the craziness of it. I am a breast cancer warrior and a pro aging advocate! 


What is your life philosophy?

Say yes to everything even if it scares you. (well within certain limits!)  I push myself to do one thing a day that scares me and force myself to say yes to any and all opportunities that will help me grow as a person or help my business grow. I have never (well MOSTLY) regretted putting myself out there and pushing myself past the point of personal comfort. (I am the epitome of an extroverted introvert) I am always grateful I did and even though I keep having to remind myself of this. Each time it's a challenge! 


What inspired you to create Violets are Blue?

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer out of the blue at 46yrs old which is considered young. I felt stress and environmental choices I made played a role in this. Although I had been a vegetarian, worked out regularly and had no family history, I didn't look at what I was putting on my body and in my living environment. (plastics, cookware, mattress, rugs etc). I didn't realize the importance of skincare as I had no idea ingredients went into our bloodstream and was surprised to learn the products I thought were made up of healthy ingredients had none of the items that were on the package (lemons, coconut, avocado etc). I decided to make my own products for myself and the women I was in treatment with. Our oncologist noticed how well our skin did through treatment and when she found out why, she asked me to create a line for the hospital!


"Our oncologist noticed how well our skin did through treatment and when she found out it was my own products, she asked me to create a line for the hospital!"


How does your perfect skincare routine look like?

SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!! I am not one to lavish in a 20 step skincare routine, yet want the results of someone who does! That is why I love multi purpose products and ones that cut right to the chase. I like a good moisturizing cleanser, eye cream and face oil and SPF for day time. At night I'll add a resurfacing serum and a couple times a week a nice resurfacing and brightening face mask.  


Where is a good place to start for someone new to the world of skincare?

I think people can get easily overwhelmed once they decide to make the switch to clean skincare. I always tell people it's okay to not do it all at once and in fact, switching things one by one is a more optimal way to go as it helps your skin adapt. I usually recommend you start with a cleanser and a face/body moisturizer. From there you can add on based on what your skin needs and the type of skin you have. 


What is always in your fridge?

Avocados, blueberries and cauliflower puffs!


What is a daily routine you always practise?

Walking walking walking. It's something you can do no matter where you are, what you are wearing and it not only helps me physically but mentally it always helps me recalibrate and clear my head. I LOVE walking in the Parks in NYC but also love walking city streets that are new to me in cities I am travelling to. 


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