Premature Aging Skin Signs and Tips to Protect Against It

Premature Aging Skin Signs and Tips to Protect Against It

When you become older, your body's internal processes, such as the turnover of skin cells and the recovery after an exercise, slow down and need more time to finish or recharge. This is true for both processes.

This makes it more likely that indications of aging, like wrinkles and weariness, may appear in later years. Because of this, aging is often referred to as "premature" when it occurs sooner than usual in a person's life.


"Aging is often referred to as «premature» when it occurs sooner than usual in a person's life."


Although it is hard to prevent these changes, there are techniques to lessen the indications of aging in your body, which is particularly helpful if they occur before you are ready to accept them.


Signs of premature aging

Everyone's aging process is unique, although some indicators of aging are deemed "premature" if they appear before the age of 35.


1. Sun spotting

Sun spots, also known as age spots and liver spots, are flat areas on your skin produced by excessive sun exposure over time. These hyperpigmented patches might appear on your cheeks, the back of your hands, or your forearms.


2. Lovely hands

The top layers of your skin thin down with aging and contain less structural proteins, such as collagen, that give your skin form. As a consequence, your hands may become more veiny, thin, and prone to creases.


3. Chest inflammation or hyperpigmentation

As individuals age, they often get patchy discoloration on their chests. These patches of different pigmentation, like sunspots, may be produced by solar damage to your cells. This kind of hyperpigmentation isn't usually associated with age. It may be caused by eczema or other skin disorders that harm your skin's melanin cells.


4. Skin that is dry or itchy

Dry or itchy skin (xerosis cutis) may become more familiar with time-trusted. This is because thinner skin is more prone to dehydration.


5. Sagging or wrinkles

As you age, your skin's synthesis of collagen, the protein that gives your skin form, slows down. Collagen is responsible for your skin's ability to bounce back and remain plump. The age at which individuals first see wrinkles vary, and there is no set criterion for when it is "premature."


Tips to Protect Premature aging skin

Cleanse your face gently

Gentle cleansers are ideal for people who desire a clean face without scrubbing. They're also helpful for delicate skin since they don't use harsh chemicals. Oil-based cleansers like the Gentle Cleanser is mild and it soothes and regulates skin pH.


Don't forget the toner

Use a toner after your anti-aging skin care regimen to remove grime, oil, and dead skin. It's crucial to your anti-aging program. In fall and winter, they hydrate and nourish, and during the summer they help to soothe and calm irritation. Toners retain moisture for a healthier, younger-looking skin.

To give an example, the Blue Ocean Potion, a potent bouquet of naturally salted Oceanic lake water, Neroli and Blue Chamomile floral waters, regenerates skin and reduces dark spots and lines while leaving the skin with a soft and delicate smell.

Use a facial oil that adapts to your skin

Facial oils reduce dryness and wrinkles and nourish the skin. Facial oil helps cure acne and other skin disorders. Replenishing Facial Oil is excellent natural skincare.

Most of the face oils that we have in our online store include avocado, coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, which are food for your skin while they protect it. Oils that include for example vitamin E boost collagen formation and repair cells.


Be extra careful with the eye area

Having a good eye routine may also help keeping your skin youthful. The Eye Oil Serum pampers it. This innovative serum is packed with vital bioactives and nutrient dense organic seed oils proven effective in targeting and repairing the signs of aging and it reduces puffiness, dark circles, and eye wrinkles. If you suffer from dry skin around your eyes, this can be the best solution.

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