Natural skin care products are the answer to your skin care problems

Natural skin care products are the answer to your skin care problems

Have you ever wondered why even after months and years of following a skincare routine religiously, you can't get clear skin? You've tried everything, but nothing seems to work.

Then it's time to look at the back of your skincare products. The ingredient list. Yes! Your worst enemy might be hiding at the back of your skincare products. Chemicals are incredibly harmful to our skin. They often do more bad than good to our skin. This is why natural skincare products can be a great alternative.

Here are 3 reasons why natural skin care products are the answer to your skincare problems:

1. Natural skin care products don't have chemicals in them:

Natural skin care products are made with all-natural ingredients. These ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen as well. So, if you can eat it without thinking twice, it's undoubtedly good for your face to eat as well. Ingredients like Paraben, Phthalates, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, and more can be found in chemically curated skincare products.

These ingredients are highly harmful for your skin, and you might as well be allergic to them without knowing it. Natural skincare is curated to suit almost all skin types, with little to no exceptions.

Natural skincare products are also non-allergic. They don't cause any harm since they are all-natural. Natural skincare products contain ingredients such as willow bark, vitamin c, vitamin e, turmeric, ginger, tulsi, and everyone's all-time favorite- Aloe vera. These ingredients are non-irritating and gentle to the skin, which soothes the skin instead of tearing it apart. This means no angry red bumps on your face! Yayyy!!

2. Natural skincare products don't irritate your skin:

We've all experienced those painful days after a chemical skincare product left us burnt for days and sometimes even weeks. Skin turned red, itchy, and burning as if our face became an undiscovered lava fountain. Since chemical skincare is loaded with chemicals, it's easy for your skin to get irritated by the chemicals. And for sensitive skin, it's even worse!

Chemically curated skincare is a big "No-No" for sensitive skin because it's easily irritated. This is why choosing naturally curated skincare with natural ingredients is advisable.

Natural skincare doesn't irritate your skin, unlike chemical curated skincare, since they don't have any harmful chemicals. It's better to choose natural skincare products if you're tired of constantly irritated skin barrier.

3. They don't harm your body

When we put something on our skin, our cells soak it and deliver it inside our body. The same "substance" then travels in our bloodstream and is supplied to our whole body Do you think the chemicals in chemically curated skincare don't seep in our bodies and then cause us harm? It does!


"When we put something on our skin,

our cells soak it and deliver it inside our body."


These chemicals are harmful not only to the skin but to our whole body. They are supplied not only to our skin but to our whole body. So don't you think chemical skin care is hazardous in the long run?

In these times, when everything is already polluted and we have hundreds of chemicals entering our body through different mediums, does our skincare need to add to it? Absolutely not. This is where we can make an effort and take a conscious step and choose our health. Natural skin care products are mostly made from ingredients that we already consume in our diet.

Now tell us, do you consume parabens or vitamin c? Of course, vitamin c (through oranges, limes, and more) If you can't eat it, why put it on your skin? We believe choosing health is the most vital part of our life. And although we can't choose this every time, we can sometimes. So choose. Choose natural over chemicals. Organic over chemicals.

Were you suffering from irritated, red, and bumpy skin and had no idea why? Well, you've found your answers now. Want to try some great ingredients that will help transform your skin? Check out Shiva Rose Blog for great ideas!

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