Double Masking: How To

Double Masking: How To

We all love taking care of our skin with a mask, whether it's a cleaning mask, hydrating mask, or a mask that pulls out all the gunk from within your pores.

We love it all.

The satisfying feeling of putting on a mask all over your face.

Ah! Heaven!

But did you know that we do masking the wrong way?

Well… not wrong, if I must tell the truth.

But there's a better way to treat your skin with a mask.

And that is...double masking!



So, what is double masking?

Double masking is nothing but putting on two face masks, mostly clay masks, on your face to treat different skin areas with different skin concerns.

Double masking can either be done together, meaning that you can use different masks at the same time.

Or you can double mask back to back, meaning you first use one face mask like a clay mask -wipe it off, and then use a hydrating mask like a sheet mask to hydrate your skin after all the irritation it went through.


How to double mask?

Well, it depends on your skin concerns.

Not every skin condition is the same. So suggesting a routine is not helpful.


We rather recommend you to learn about your skin concerns and then double mask accordingly.

If you have dry skin or irritated skin then a hydrating mask is great.

If you have acne then a clay mask, which pulls out all the gunk from your pores will do wonders.

On a lazy day, when you don't feel like doing your skincare, you can also use a face mask with active ingredients to help treat your skin.


Face masks like REVIVAL BIO-ACTIVE BEAUTY MASK are a savior on those lazy days.This mask has highly advanced bio-active ingredients that help treat pigmentation leaving your skin radiant and glowing.

Isn't that great?


What are the benefits of double masking?

  • Your skincare works better:

Using a mask like a clay mask gently exfoliates the skin and hence gets rid of dead skin cells.

Thus, as there is no barrier of dead skin cells sitting on top of your face, your other skincare products penetrate deeper than they would've before.

  • It kills two birds with one stone:

Yes! Double Masking means treating your skin with two different masks at the same time.

This addresses two different skin concerns, mostly, exfoliation and hydration go hand in hand.

This way it saves you time while also treating your skin.


Can we mix masks?

Yes. You totally can. And it's safe to do so. It doesn't always have to be a clay mask. You can switch the clay mask with a cream mask as well. Whatever fits you best.

And, whatever you enjoy the most.


Is there a time to apply masks?

There isn't any fixed time to apply a mask. Whatever time suits you best, can be a mask time. 

But, it is usually recommended to apply a mask or do any general "treatment" skincare at night.


Because when we sleep, our body releases growth hormone which repairs our skin at an increased rate. And hence helps our skin look better and more lively.


"Treating your skin at night means increasing the growth

and healing of your skin."


But, if you don't have time at night, then any other time is great as well.

One important thing to keep in mind while double masking is to never mix active ingredients.

If any one of your products has acids such as AHAs, BHAs, or any kind of acid, make sure your other product doesn't have any active ingredients in them.

Layering active is quite disturbing for the skin.

And unless you are a professional or someone who is experienced with active ingredients, we would not recommend you to layer active ingredients.


That is double masking for you.

What else, now you can put on double masking while watching your favorite show as you sip on your delicious matcha tea.

But you know what is equally enjoyable as matcha tea?

A matcha face mask! Yes! Your favorite tea can also be used as a mask.



But, one which is formulated to work wonders for your skin: BERLIN SKIN'S MATCHA MASK is that wonder for you.

The matcha is sourced right from Japan, to provide you with amazing skin benefits.

So, enjoy sipping on your matcha tea as your matcha face mask renews and delivers extreme moisture to your skin!

Another great option and good for all skin types if the LOVINAH'S GREEN CAVIARBoasting purifying effects on the skin, it also brightens, pro-ages, exfoliates, and promotes regeneration while it clarifies the pores, improves acneic skin, and treats hyper-pigmentation. 


Have you tried double masking yet? Or has this blog post inspired you to try one?

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