blue tansy: the anti-inflammatory holy grail ingredient

blue tansy: the anti-inflammatory holy grail ingredient

Blue Tansy comes from the beautiful, sustainable, yellow-flowered plant Tanacetum Annuum. Due to its Moroccan origin, many people know this plant as Moroccan Tansy or Moroccan Chamomile, as the flower is in the same plant group as Roman and German Chamomile. In order to extract the essential oil, farmers and distilleries harvest the plant from mid-July through September and use a steam distillation process.

Despite coming from a yellow-flowered plant, Blue Tansy gets its name from its deep indigo blue color. The chemical compound responsible for this color is chamazulene, which is a result of the steam distillation process. Chamazulene is made when the natural elements in the tansy plant react to the hot water vapor. Although you cannot find chamazulene in the Moroccan Tansy’s original state, this unique compound helps bring out the plant’s natural therapeutic and aromatherapeutic benefits.


"Soothes, nourishes and restores the skin"


Smell: highly aromatic, warm, bitter-green, herbaceous aroma with softly penetrating camphor top notes; has a warm, woody-herbaceous drydown.

Skin Benefits:

Calm irritation: Whether you suffer from rosacea, eczema, or just general sensitivities, adding blue tansy to your skincare routine is a great option. Itching is often caused by inflammation of the skin, either due to environmental factors (such as a change in the season) or a reaction (such as a bug bite). Since blue tansy is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can offer general relief to tame the itchy symptoms from these flare-ups. These calming properties can also be used to help improve the pain and redness from a sunburn. 

Reduce inflammation: Skin inflammation (a response to injury or irritation) could manifest in a number of ways: rosacea, UV damage (think: dark spots, redness, or messed-up collagen and elastin), breakouts, itching, or swelling. Adding blue tansy to your skincare routine will work wonders on your skin.

Soothe dry and sensitive skin: Mystical blue tansy eases feelings of emotional anxiety while releasing heat, providing nourishing relief and a comforting hug to even the most delicate and troubled complexions.


Discover our Blue Tansy products


Berlin Skin Blue Tansy Cream - $78

Anti-inflammatory facial cream that brings new life to tired and damaged skin. Frankincense and wildcrafted blue tansy are powerhouse plants that help soothe, tighten, repair and improve overall skin tone. Botanical hyaluronic acid, squalane from olive oil, and organic aloe offer a dynamic fusion of moisture for dull and dry skin. This incredible product also provides beautiful aromatherapy benefits to help calm and ease the mind. It’s an exquisite cream that you’ll want to use again and again in your self-care routine.



D'still Calming Cleansing Balm - $89

Soothing, aromatic balm, blended from nutrient-rich oils, butters and extracts to calm, cleanse and nourish the complexion. Rich in anti-oxidants and potent calming extracts, this gentle treatment cleanser / mask smooths over skin, effortlessly melting away make-up, excess oil and environmental debris. Skin is left feeling soothed, healthy, cleansed and hydrated. This innovative balm-to-milk formula will feed your skin with anti-oxidants, whilst bringing a moment of sensorial pleasure to your daily skin/self-care ritual.



Shiva Rose Blue Crystal Eye Cream - $95

Gentle, moisture, rich cream combines powerful azulene of blue tansy, with hydrating plumping wonders of hyaluronic acid, soothing calendula, evening primrose, soothing aloe for puffiness. This blue wonder contains calming blue chamomile, rooibos, lavender, pomegranate for nourishment to the delicate areas around eyes. Sacred sandalwood creating new cells, preventing the appearance of fine lines and opening the third eye. Activated by azurite crystals.



Cecilia Eternal Youth Serum - $245

A bouquet of 18 rejuvenating botanical oils. Let the rarest cold-pressed oils donate your skin a soft ageless grace. Beautifully absorbed, this serum infuses your skin with youth-enhancing antioxidants, omega, vitamins and soothing actives.


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  • Mercè on Oct 12, 2021

    I’ve got dark circles due to my night shift :(( the Shiva Rose blue crystal eye cream with the azurite crystal ingredient looks like a perfect match! Will order and try it.

  • Lena on Aug 28, 2021

    After reading this, I’m so looking forward to receiving the d’still calming cleanser I ordered. Both skin inflammation and dryness are issues for me all year round!

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