How to get clear skin at home fast and naturally

How to get clear skin at home fast and naturally

Clear skin is a dream for all.
Thinking about having a skincare regime for clear skin is excellent, but not everyone can afford to have one.
Times like these make dreams of clear skin far to reach.
But don't be disappointed.
We've got your back!

Here are ways to get clear skin at home fast and naturally:

1. Don't touch your face:

We touch hundreds of things daily, including kitchen, car keys, and doorknobs. Millions of microorganisms and possible allergies are present in these items.
Beyond the risk for illness, these pathogens and allergens may result in the development of blisters, cysts, acne, or other unfavourable skin conditions.
If you have oily skin, touching your face can make it worse. You transfer oil from one area of your face to another whenever you contact it.
Additionally, rubbing your face might clog your pores and cause an acne flare-up. So, keep your hands to yourself.

2. Use a gentle face wash:

A natural gentle face wash, unlike a chemical face wash, goes gently on the skin and doesn't irritate it.
A gentle face or skin care product is essential as your skin is irritated.
Using a gentle face wash soothes your skin, as most gentle face washes contain soothing ingredients in them.


"A gentle face or skin care product is essential as your skin is irritated."

3. Use a different cloth to wipe your face:

Using the same towel to wipe your face that you've already used to wipe your body, and your genitals don't seem right, does it? Bacterias from all over your body build up on the towel and then land on your face where it sits and then starts acting up. These bacteria go into your skin which then results in acne.
And no one ever wants acne, now do we? So it's better to use a different towel for your face.

4. Don't pop your pimples:

Popping your pimples is not a good idea. But it's so tempting, and we get it. But no matter how tempted you are. DON'T DO IT.
Popping your pimples tears your skin, and bacteria can quickly enter your skin cells.
Sensing these bacteria, your white blood cells come to your rescue and start fighting off those bad boys, which then results in swelling of the skin. Plus, the acne gets even worse. And on top of that, popping your pimples scars your skin.
So, it's better not to touch your pimples and leave them alone, no matter how tempting it is.

5. Don't use a pillowcase for more than 4 days:

This one is the same as using a different towel.
Your pillowcase accumulates dust and bacteria throughout the day.
These bacteria then transfer onto your skin when your face comes in contact with the pillowcase.
This results in acne flare-ups.
It is better to change your pillowcase every 3-4 days. Although it won't change much, sometimes even the tiniest thing can bring significant change.

6. Use a moisturiser:

The more hydrated your skin is, the better your skin will look.
Skin hydration is an essential part of a skincare routine that most people miss.
Sometimes all your skin problems could be because of a lack of skin hydration.
Regular moisturization helps keep the cells hydrated and happy.
Plus, hydration also helps lighten hyperpigmentation.

7. Use SPF:

If you have acne and go about your day without sunscreen, then you've got it all wrong.
Sunscreen is the salt to your skincare regime.
Like food becomes "tasteless" without salt, your skincare won't work to its full potential without sunscreen.
Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that damage your skin and also helps reduce hyperpigmentation.
So always wear sunscreen!
These are a list of things you can do to change your skin naturally, with only three skin care products to invest in.

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