A guide on what to look for in natural skincare products

A guide on what to look for in natural skincare products

Natural homemade skincare is quite famous. So much so, people usually tend to turn towards "natural homemade" skincare when there is a skin issue that they are facing.

But there is a problem with this approach.

The ingredients that you find in your kitchen are not properly concentrated or sourced to treat your skin.

And most of them, truth be told, do not work.


So what do you do when you want natural skin care products for your skin that work?

You turn to botanical skincare - which is natural and is completely sourced and concentrated to work for your skin.

But there are so many ingredients out there, which one do you look for? And how do I choose the right skincare company?

Do not worry, we've got you covered!


Here are our tips on what to look for in natural skincare products:

Wait! We'll do one better.

Let us look at what you might want to avoid when choosing natural skin care products:

Because trust me, there's more to avoid than to choose.


1. Chemicals:

It's no surprise that non-clean cosmetics and skincare are packed with chemicals.

While some chemicals are not bad for your skin, some chemicals do wonders for your skin and help it heal.

But, most of the chemicals found in skincare are actually harmful to your skin. They do more bad than good to your skin.

Chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic colors, Fragrance, Triclosan, Mineral Oil, Triclosan, DMDM Hydantoin & Urea, and Toluene are extremely harmful to your skin and must be avoided in skincare.

Instead, look for products that have ingredients such as Aloe vera, Willow bark, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Matcha, Seed oils, and Turmeric.


2. Greenwashing:

As the "natural skincare" wave is rising, and people are leaning more towards natural skin care products, the demand and market for natural skin care products are increasing more than ever before.

But, with the increase in natural skincare products, there is also a rise in fake or also known as "Greenwashing" in the skincare community.

Brands mark themselves as "Green" or "Organic", but the truth is hidden.

Most of the time these brands hide harmful chemicals behind a few natural ingredients.

This is what you need to look out for when choosing natural skin care products.

Here are ways you can use to know whether a brand is truly natural:


1. Ingredients:

Study the ingredient list of the product.

Make sure you find natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, willow bark, vitamin c, and more such natural ingredients that you know of.

If an ingredient's name confuses you, Google it, chances are it might be a chemical disguised as a leaf.


2. Do some research about the about:

Don't just depend on the term "natural" written on the packaging. It's mostly done to lure customers that are looking for natural skin care products and don't have much knowledge about the skincare world.

Don't just buy things because they're pretty, research thoroughly about the brand.

Does the brand precisely describe its manufacturing process?

Do they list out all the ingredients on their website?

Do they describe where the ingredients are sourced from?

These are things you should be looking for when considering investing in a brand.


3. If your natural skin care product smells like a perfume - RUN! :

We all love good-smelling products.

But, when this interest transfers to skincare, it's no good.

Fragrance on the skin is good, but not on the skin of your face.

And if your natural skin care products smell anything like perfume, you better not consider buying them.

Fragrances are horrible in skincare, especially in products that stay on your face for longer.


They leave your skin irritated and make it harder for your skin to heal.

If your so-called natural skincare product is loaded with chemicals like scents, then it's 100% a chemical product disguised as natural.

Remember, if the scent of your natural skincare products doesn't make you want to eat them, it's probably not natural.


4. Preservatives:

When you go grocery shopping for organic products, do you want any items to have "preservative included" labels on them?

No, right?

Because we all know that organic products don't have any preservatives in them. They have a short shelf life.

In the same way, organic skin care products need to have a short shelf life.

Because if they are made from natural ingredients they won't live forever.

If a "natural skincare product" has a suspiciously long shelf life then chances are it has preservatives in it.

Which doesn't make it all-natural. It is a product with chemicals.


natural skincare


These are all the things you should be looking for or looking out for when choosing all-natural skincare products.

Remember, don't just believe in pretty packaging, do your research and then put your money in.


It's hard looking for all-natural skincare products but the benefits they provide are priceless.

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