Discovering San Francisco

Discovering San Francisco

Discover our favorite spots in San Francisco!


Trinity Roots Wellness: Botnia Skincare Atelier

Holistic, Plant-Based Skincare

Trinity Roots Wellness is a holistic healing space offering customized plant-based facial treatments featuring local Botnia Skincare products made in Sausalito. At Trinity Roots we believe in healing the skin from the inside out. We take an in-depth look at not only what you’re using on your skin but also what you're putting into your body on a daily basis. TRW is a space for you to dive deep and find the most nourishing skincare regimen tailored to your needs. We are here to lift you up and support you along your skin journey so that you can achieve your goals.

Botnia Atelier


The Scarlet Sage: Herbal Apothecary

Spiritual & Physical Wellness Products & Education 

Committed to empowering people with resources for holistic health care since 1995, The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. is San Francisco's favorite spot for herbs, essential oils, and other organic supplements. Supporting the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each of our customers, we are passionate about educating our community about the power of natural healing. We like to think of our store as more than just that -- our space is a haven for those seeking to make themselves healthy and whole.

 Scarletsage Apothecary

Greens Restaurant 

Vegetarian Bistro since 1979!

The opening of Greens Restaurant on San Francisco Bay in 1979 forever changed the image and appreciation of vegetarian cooking in America. Known for a distinctive culinary style of celebrating vegetables, Greens produces ever-changing menus that are dedicated to the seasonal harvests of local farmers and the organic gardens of its farm, Green Gulch. 
With a panorama view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and the Marina sea life, Greens Restaurant is a lively scene in a spacious warehouse where grand windows stretch floor-to-ceiling in the dining room. The restaurant, and private dining room, is adorned by colorful skies and the majestic changing scenes and sunset of the Pacific Ocean. 


Josey Baker Bread

Peace, love, and whole grain sourdough delicatessen

We make whole grain sourdough bread with fresh-milled, local, organic grains.

Whole Grain:

Josey bakes whole grain bread. While they don’t exclusively use whole grain flour—some of our breads contain up to 45% sifted (aka white) bread flour—their favorite breads are the ones made exclusively with stone ground whole grain flour. Whole grains are also better for you, with more fiber and nutrients (hello, B vitamins!) than processed grains.


This is where things get a little wild.

Josey breads are all made with wild yeast, which is to say they’re all sourdoughs. A sourdough bread is one made with wild yeast (a starter) instead of commercial yeast like you buy in the store. Most bread is made with commercial yeast because it’s designed to make bread rise quickly and dependably.

Fully Hydrated:

Josey fully hydrates the grains because it’s a lot easier to end up with moist bread if you start out with moist dough.

A lot of water in dough makes it very sticky and hard to hand, and well, that can just be a pain in the ass. This is especially true if machines are dividing the dough, or shaping it into loaves.


Fort Mason Farmers Market

35 farmstands, Sundays, farm to table

The Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market is held at this historic, former U.S. Army West Coast headquarters serving the Marina neighborhood and city-tourists alike. With over 35 Farmers and Food Purveyors, marketgoers discover the bounty of the Bay Area’s microclimates, the North Bay’s organic farms and the San Joaquin Valley’s finest harvest. This bustling Sunday market, 9:30am to 1:30pm, is the perfect place to find ingredients for a delicious Sunday brunch or picnic. Views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay are awe-inspiring.


City Lights: Book store 

Literary Meeting Place since 1953

The City Lights Foundation fosters an active engagement with books and literary culture. Our public events, publishing program, and educational outreach are dedicated to sustaining a vibrant community of readers, writers, and independent thinkers. 


Anyon Atelier

Fine Art, Furnishings & Curated Accessories

anyon atelier

Founded in 2006 by Lindsay Anyon, Anyon is an interior design firm, atelier, design gallery, and showroom born from a love for the conversation of design.

From its home in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights, Anyon Interior Design’s knowledge, experience and curatorial spirit are complemented by a commitment to listen deeply to peoples’ needs and desires, and with precision and care, bring order, beauty, calm and comfort to a diverse array of residences and commercial spaces across the US. As a full-service firm, Anyon Interior Design offers interior design services, decorative solutions and fine art consulting to clients. In every space designed, in every interaction with clients, in every collaboration with designers, artists, architects and artisans, Anyon seeks to create enduring connections and nurture the beautiful, endless conversation of design.


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    I use to go to the fillmore one! near grown products and local retailers. great post btw!

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    really interesting entry, so much to discover in the bay area. waiting for the next post!

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