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Earthwise Beauty

Three Roses Deep, Sweet Rose Mist


3.4 oz / 100 ml

An unforgettable face mist with extracts of three roses

For many skincare connoisseurs, the search for a favorite, truly beautiful, balanced, infinitely complex rose face mist can be a lifelong endeavor. And there are so many different rose species that rose mists can range in scent—depending on the maker's favorite perfume direction, they can be icy cool and powdery, soft and ethereal, spicy and assertive, or richly floral. For our rose mist, we aimed for the scent of a rose still damp from the morning dew: delicate and green, then revealing its notes of apricot and rounded rose, then ending with slight hints of black pepper. Our rose water is somewhat mossy, yet fresh and sweet as well. The scent dissipates quickly rather than lingering.

The key ingredient in Three Roses is a rose extract from Turkey.

For all skin types. Noncomedogenic. Nonphotosensitizing.


Shake often to remix. Apply the serum generously onto freshly washed face. Most skin types will benefit from following immediately with a moisturizer, oil or balm. (For sensitive skin types, though, we recommend applying aloe serums like this one over an oil or emollient moisturizer.) If using a slower-absorbing product as the next step, such as a thick oil-based serum or balm, it often works best to wait a moment until Nap in the Meadow is absorbed. 

Store away from direct light exposure. Ideally REFRIGERATE to protect freshness and enhance the cooling, refreshing, and depuffing properties.

If redness or sensitivity appears when you first use Nap in the Meadow, allow your skin to adjust to the product gradually, by using only a thin layer once a day for the first 7–14 days. 


Rose water is one of the most beloved skincare products of all time. Our swoon-worthy version contains botanical waters from Turkish and Iranian roses, resulting in a vibrant, multilayered, 100 percent natural rose scent.

Rose extracts: We have used a combination of rose essential oils, a rose absolute, and a rose flower essence, as each type offers different benefits. The rose essential oil, the most expensive essential oil in the world, is known for its many topical skin benefits and has a quickly dissipating scent. The absolute adds scent depth and complexity and has been studied for antidepressant properties. Rose extracts have been proven in many studies to be highly antioxidant, antimicrobial (particularly antifungal), anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, and they are also astringent. The wild rose flower essence adds an element of vibrational healing: Wild rose essence is used to assuage grief and disappointment in love. Our extracts are all made by hand by artisan distillers.




Rosa damascena (Turkey) water/aqua, Rosa damascena (Iran) water/aqua, Aloe barbadensis juice*, colloidal silver, ferulic acid, resveratrol, brandy, Rosa woodsii (Wood’s rose) flower essence†.

*Certified organic. †Responsibly wildcrafted.

Aloe certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for purity and content. 

Certified cruelty free, vegan, handcrafted, small batch. Gluten free.

Three Roses Deep, Sweet Rose Mist