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Shelby Naturals

Orange Blossom Toner


2 fl oz / 60 ml 

A fresh, hydrating toner made with antibacterial colloidal silver, collagen-building and alpha hydroxy acid-rich neroli, and sweet orange, abundant in wrinkle-fighting and skin brightening vitamin C. Its main function is to effectively balance your pH after cleansing your skin, preventing against premature aging and breakouts. Smells like orange blossoms + bliss. An essential, multi-tasking addition to your skincare routine.


Restores skin’s pH after cleansing, hydrates and balances, calms redness and helps tighten and improve skin texture.

Formulated for all skin types.


Spritz generously on skin after cleansing, or when skin needs a boost of hydration. Always use before applying the Serum and/or Face Cream, as it opens the pores and allows quick nutrient delivery. This is key.

Shelby's tip: I love to use the Toner when I am stressed, when my skin is dehydrated - basically all day long. It also gives me a quick pick me up after I workout at the gym, neutralizing unwanted bacteria and toxins that come from my sweat. I additionally love using it to set my makeup. It's glowing skin therapy in a bottle, my everyday skin saviour. 


aqua, glycerine (vegetable)*, argentum metallicum (colloidal silver)*, citrus aurantium (neroli)*, citrus sinensis (sweet orange)*

* indicates certified organic

Orange Blossom Toner