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Heart of Gold

Sea Change Cleansing Balm

This skin-softening cleansing balm deftly melts away makeup & sunscreen, then converts to a clean rinsing milk. Moringa and meadowfoam oils nurture dry, delicate skin. Sal & Shea butters help re-establish skin's natural protective barrier. A sunlit composition of fennel seed, grapefruit, and chamomile liberates lymphatic stagnation and puffiness. An ideal daily cleanser for dry, dehydrated, puffy, aging & delicate skin. Sea Change is a multitasker- we love using it as a facial massage medium or a deep moisture mask.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount to dry skin with dry hands
  • Massage in thoroughly
  • Wet hands and massage in a bit more
  • Watch it transform into a clean-rinsing milky liquid
  • Rinse off with water (in the shower or at the sink)
  • Use a damp washcloth to remove if necessary


    Dream boat a phenomenal balancing & calming mask- apply a thin layer to clean skin, leave on 30 minutes (or overnight) and remove with a warm compress.


    Sal butter, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, virgin moringa oil, di-PPG myreth-10 adipate, glyceryl stearate & cetearyl alcohol & sodium stearoyl lactylate, castor oil, essential oils of fennel seed, grapefruit peel & roman chamomile


    Sea Change Cleansing Balm has a shelf life of 12 months. Keep in mind that whole plant nutrients are alive and evanescent. For best results please start using Dream Boat promptly and consistently. If you aren't able to use it for a fortnight or longer, please store it in the refrigerator with the cap tightly closed until you're able to incorporate it back into your daily skin care ritual. Always store your HG products out of direct sunlight & prolonged heat, and avoid introducing water to the jar.

    These things can impact the shelf life of naturally preserved products:

    • Exposure to sunlight
    • Exposure to heat
    • Exposure to air/oxygen
    • Exposure to the bacteria naturally present on the skin
    • Exposure to water or steam

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    Sea Change Cleansing Balm