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Meet Amanda Brown, Founder of Ezili Botanics

We are so excited to have the Ezili Velvet Facial Oil at Botanic Affair. We interviewed Amanda Brown the founder and soul behind Ezili Botanics.

BA: How did you get started in skin care?

A: I’ve always been into beauty, skincare and cosmetics, it was the aspect of taking care of yourself coupled with the creativity that I loved. It wasn’t until I started to have horrific topical issues with my skin that I started asking more questions about what was actually in the products I was using, as at the time I was going through a complete lifestyle change and became vegan and really started to take care of myself properly, and my skincare and beauty regime was a big part of that. I kept researching ingredients, products, brands etc and I just wasn’t satisfied with what was on offer so I decided to sign-up with Formula Botanica and take things into my own hands, the rest is history.

BA: How did you choose the ingredients in the Velvet Facial Oil?

A: My first point of action was to research plant-based oils that were quick absorbing, astringent, packed a punch in terms of antioxidants, and high in linolenic acid. All these things were important to me as I wanted a formula that would help me to manage my oily t-zone, I wanted something simple and gentle to use whilst being very quick to absorb. It took a few attempts and tweaks to get the formula right but in the end I got a formula that has wonderful ingredients that work and compliment one another so well.

BA: What's your favorite part of your job?

A: I love coming up with new product ideas and researching ingredients, that’s a never ending joy of mine, every time I put my head down and get really stuck in I learn so much and always something new. Other than that, product branding and photography I really enjoy. My background is actually in fashion design so that creative element of things really gets me up every morning.

BA: What advice do you have for female entrepreneurs? 

A: Never stop learning and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there before you're ready. I’ve found that my biggest lessons have come from not being perfect and propels me further more than I could have ever imagined. I think as women we put such pressure on ourselves to reach certain standards all within a timescale and it’s just not always practical or healthy to do.

BA: Did you ever face any advantages or disadvantages as a woman of color in the industry?

A: I think what people expect you to bring to the table can be quite offensive and limiting. There is often a little box that I feel is easy to get categorized in but honestly, I just let the work speak for itself now otherwise you’ll just drown in the opinions of others rather than trusting and believing in what you're capable of doing and achieving.  

BA: What is your daily skincare routine?

A: Cleanse, tone and moisturize, spf and lip balm. I like to exfoliate or use some sort of mask around ⅔ times a week, otherwise my routine is simple and very attainable.

BA: What is next for Ezili?

A: There are so many products I’m working on at the moment, I’m very much a holistic individual and do not stop at just the beauty mark. It’s my goal for Ezili to evolve into so much more in terms of products, experiences and extending my offering so that Ezili Botanics can acquire many spaces and become a true lifestyle brand.

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